About Surrey 4x4 Response

Here you will find all the information about Surrey 4x4 Response including Membership information and how to contact us.

About Surrey 4x4 Response

Postby Surrey4x4Response » Fri Jan 14, 2011 2:58 pm

Surrey 4x4 Response is an organisation formed of 4x4 owners who volunteer their time and use of their own personal vehicles to assist Britain's front line emergency services in adverse weather conditions. We form part of the National 4x4 Response Network and primarily support Surrey, however, as with all of the county 4x4 response teams, we tend to go where we are needed and assist our neighbouring counties.

Typically Surrey 4x4 Response has been called to help with
- transporting key medical/NHS/999 staff in icy and snowy conditions roads where traditional vehicles are no longer a viable option
- patient repatriation
- assist with meals on wheels delivery
- recover vehicles / ambulances when needed
- gain access to remote areas in flooded conditions

During these harrowing times on the roads, logistics are maintained through our own volunteer controller network ensuring that the assistance required is delivered as timely and as safely as possible. All our volunteer responders are assessed in their capabilities and familiarised with their vehicles, many have first aid training (which is available free of charge as a member of Surrey 4x4 Response) and most importantly are very happy to be helping their local community.

Surrey 4x4 Response is open to the general public, and anyone may seek to join and volunteer their time as an active responder (with their own 4x4) or perhaps as a support member where help with logistics, fund raising etc is always welcome.

Should you have any queries or require any help please drop an email to info@surrey4x4response.org
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